Thursday, August 24, 2006

Edinburgh Festival

Just come back from several days in Edinburgh, attending the annual International Book Festival there. My event on the 22nd was with the journalist and TV presenter Joan Bakewell. I really enjoyed the whole experience. I gave a podcast interview for the festival's website which you can listen to at:

Afterwards I attended events by the Scottish Society for Autism and the Autism Initiatives charity. It was a privilege to meet some of the people who work so hard and give so much to help those on the autistic spectrum, as well as several parents and grandparents of autistic children.

Before leaving Edinburgh I had the chance to watch several street performances by jugglers, acrobats and magicians and a comedy gig - 'Funny Women' - which I would definitely recommend as being very, very good.


Anonymous said...

thanks for the weblinks -- we'll put links up to your site which Ive just revisited.
Just to say Neil the podcast producer and I were really blown away by what you had to say. In fact Im working some of your rational thoughts about the immigration debate into a column for the Scotsman im writing for Mondays paper. I hope thats ok.
applying knowledge is always harder than having it. So congratulations for being brave enough to try and apply so much of it!
yours aye

Anonymous said...

Why did I write? what sin to me unknown
Dipped me in ink, my parents', or my own?
As yet a child, nor yet a fool to fame,
I lisped in numbers, for the numbers came.
I left no calling for this idle trade,
No duty broke, no father disobeyed.
The Muse but served to ease some friend, not wife,
To help me through this long disease, my life,

Glad you had a fascinating time at the festival Daniel. I found your interview very inspiring. Since I have recently found myself shockingly unable to express love or emotions "in a given social situation." I think your self-sufficiency ideal is the key and breaking away from all labels and peer groups is essential to people of your age.

I also totally agreed and sympathised with your frustration against the modern Intellectual Ceasefire (which I think you should write about more as I have tried), but I think this is just the start of it and we must look ahead to the consequences and pay heed to warnings. We've rejoied in breaking down all barriers and taboos and have now realised that we must rebuild them in order to save social values and cultural truths.

Daniel Tammet said...

Hi Lesley,

Thanks for your comments and I'm so pleased that you thought the podcast interview went so well. Edinburgh was fantastic and I'll certainly be back in the future!


Anonymous said...

Hi Daniel,

Nice blog you made. I like it. Thanks for letting us know your unique and beautiful world! It looks fantasy.

I am from China ans studying in US now. You know what, you are increasingly popular in China. Hope you can learn Chinese someday, a really beautiful and difficult language. But for you I guess only a piece of cake. ^_^


Anonymous said...

Hi Daniel! I'm som glad to have found your blog! The Brainman documentary about you was recently aired here in Sweden and I just had to blog about it!

If you would indulge me to answer a silly question, I would be so excited... I know you see numbers as shapes, but do you in any way associate the scent or taste of vanilla with something?
I "see" it as a specific color and have asked my blogreaders what they see or feel.

Take care now!

Anonymous said...


i read your book yesterday. it was really good. i'm not a savant, but i have synestaesia and asperger's and "use" them to write songs. before i read your book i used to feel stupid saying i wrote songs that appeared as interesting shapes or gradients, or cause certain chord structures gave me certain feelings. but you seem to work the same way with numbers, and noone thinks you're a fool. so i'm not going to fmble around for an answer anymore when people ask me how i write songs anymore, i'll just tell them straight up. thanks heaps.


Daniel Tammet said...

Hi Salt,

I don't think I do associate the flavour of vanilla with anything.

Anonymous said...


I am amazed at they way you see the world. I've said that I'm austaic and share some of your same views on self-sufficency and the concepts of social interactions between people.