Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Personalised & Autographed Copy of Book Now Available Worldwide

We've restructured the webpage offering personalised copies of my book 'Born On A Blue Day' to accept payments worldwide. Makes a great Christmas gift idea!


Anonymous said...

Hi! I couldn't seem to find a 'contact Daniel' link so I thought I'd just post here. Recently two documentaries about you were aired in Australia which my family and I watched. We were not only amazed by your mental abilities, but by how comfortable you seemed with all the tests you were being put through. Your accepting and gentle nature and lack of arrogance are a true inspiration. I wish you luck with all of your endeavours (although it seems you don't need it!), and thank you for bringing your gift to so many. :D

lunicidal said...

Hi Daniel,

congratulations on the book.

I would never get to meet you unless you did a signing in Australia.... or I win the lotto (and you understand those chances better than I do!)
Having a signed copy would be great, but having it personalised is special to me and very generous of you.
On a lesser note, I have forwarded this onto my girlfriend for the perfect Christmas gift to buy me. I doubt I can wait that long.

All the best...

Zot said...

What is it about Australians? I'm one too, although I'm living in Cambridge now!

I ordered a copy of the book this week as a birthday present for my fiancée. Very much looking forward to it. Congrats.

Anonymous said...

Hey I just read your book and found it quite interesting. I was just wondering whether or not when you look at art do you see it as it is or do you see the colours as numbers? Do you find some art like 'Starry Night' by Van Gogh beautiful like I do or do you see the colours as numbers which can represent something else?

I would really like to know. Please reply if you have a chance!

From Lauren

Anonymous said...

Bonjour M Tammet,
ce serait avec grand plaisir que je lirais votre livre. Seulement mon anglais n'est pas aussi bon que votre mänti. Avez-vous traduit "Né un jour d'azur"?
Si c'est le cas, quel est l'éditeur?
si ce n'est pas le cas, i'll work hard to read you in english! :-)
L. Harel, France.

Anonymous said...

Daniel, I saw your interview on 60 Minutes. You showed some of your art work. I'd like to see some of your other art. Is it available anywhere on the Internet or in published form?