Thursday, December 07, 2006's 'Best Books of 2006'

Born On A Blue Day has been selected by the editors at as one of their 'Best Books of 2006' -



Anonymous said...

That's fantastic news Daniel - and well deserved!


Daniel_Tammet_my_hero said...

Thats awesome! You deserve it!

Moanie X

Enchanter said...


Pauline said...

Hi Daniel,
I am happy for you and I can tell you I did my part in buying your book again on Amazon as a Christmas present. And I will continue at each occasion (birthdays...). But for the moment I have to select people who can read an entire book in English, which is still not the case of most of my friends and family (even people who speak quite reasonable English often don't get to reading a whole book).
I guess that you'll tell us when your book is translated into French. I am also interested that you tell us if you once give an interview in France or on a channel that we can access, or available on internet..., so that I can once hear you as well (I read everybody on your blog seems enthusiastic).

And I want to finish with a recommendation I think is important : you are bound to be very famous in the world and have a lot of success and it is true you completely deserve it. But keep in mind to stay yourself through all the influence celebrity can have, because that is your way of telling things so naturally that charms and helps people.

Good luck

Anonymous said...

Well done Daniel. I have a 7 year old boy with Aspergers and I have just finished your book today. It was very inspirational. Thank you so much.

spike said...

Daniel, congratulations, you are off on one of the wildest adventures. It is amazing in this Age-of-the-Internet that so many of us can learn of you and perhaps connect with you.
I wish you all the best, not only can fame be difficult, but you will be exposed to a very challenging world of intellectuals (many of who are uber-egotistical, that's what i meant by challenging, good luck!). I hope you can remain grounded. It will be wonderful to see what becomes of you. :)

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas, Daniel

Anonymous said...


My husband bought your book for me for Christmas and I am very impressed by your achievements! I am happy that you have won an award for it. You must have worked very hard. One thing, did you proofread it yourself? Page 124 has a typo...!

All the very best for you and your partner for the New Year,

Sarah Flynn x

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year from Luxembourg! We thoroughly enjoyed your book!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing your story and experiences through your book. I have just finished reading it too after receiving it as a Christmas present. I have always had a great admiration for people like yourself with a gift for learning and languages.
Happy New Year
Hilary Wood

Wille said...

A happy new year!

Excuse me for posting this under a the wrong subject, but I couldn't find your e-mail anywhere.

I just watched the documentary "Brainman" (on Swedish Television,
In deed very fascinating, especially since, excuse my language, you are so "normal" in the public space. In contrast to other people I have seen with very special talents. You booth look and act like some of my friends. But as you know this is a big part of your success.

In the documentary they claimed that you are religious or at least Christian and your love for numbers. So I thought that numerology might be fun for you. I feel quite stupid and bold to give you a tip, since you have read much more than others in general. But being naive is beautiful. The most serious book in the subject numerology that I have come across is "Numerology and the Divine Triangle" by Dusty Bunker and Faith Javane (easy to find on ). To be brief numerology is a very accurate form of astrology based on numbers.

Interesting project, I heard that you like vowel rich languages and from a Swedish point of view I got a bit confused that you do not study Danish, Norwegian or Swedish. Since Finnish sounds very harsh from a Swedish perspective, but yes Estonian is much softer, like a soft sort of Finnish. My tip would be Danish, I have heard studies that says that danish kids are the last to pick up their language. Probably because the lack of contrast consonants and other harsh sounds and with and dominance of vowel sounds.

On of my prior co-workers had synthesis, he explains how it acts for him at.

And he has also opened a forum for discussing this.

regards Wille Lööf

wilhelm.loof -at-

Fate Motif said...

¡Enhorabuena, Daniel!

My girlfriend works with autistic children since not long ago and she gave me your book to read. It is helping me understand better many aspects of autism and it is also a great story (I'm still reading it, about to finish!) A story that has made me laugh and even cry sometimes.

I hope you continue being as brave, helpful and successful as you are now, and even more!

¡Un saludo para tí y otro para Neil!


Anonymous said...

Hi Daniel
I found your book both extreemly interesting and very moving; you are an inspiration! Showing that we all have unique talents and abilities and that we don't all have to conform in order to make a valuable contribution. I will be recommending the book to everyone I know.

Lisa - York

Anonymous said...

your so great daniel! i'm thinking i was the first one to buy your book at barnes and nobles in union square, nyc. i feel really akin to you, even though I am not autistic. I think in this society where we are made to feel bad when we are not showing total (sometimes superficial) participation within a group (at work, at school etc.) your book makes it okay to feel like being my naturally quiet, reserved and shy self. Also, its very interesting that you were born under the sign of aquarius, because this sign is ruled by individuality, geniusness, and forward thinking, humanitarianism and progress, which i think you totally, to say the least, completely embody that. anyway i hope things are great for you in 2007!


Anonymous said...

Your book is a great insight into our understanding (or lack of it) of communication. Clearly we all see things somewhat differently, and yet we fool ourselves into thinking that we actually know what the other person is talking about or seeing. Your sharing of your life is a gift to all of us.
I am impressed with your ability to memorize numbers, but even more so with your affinity for historical facts. History never made any sense to me and I forget most names and dates as soon as I learn them.
I wish you a wonderful life,

johnkgeo said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DANIEL!!! I just purchased your book and I am enjoying it! Good luck to you! John

Anonymous said...

I have twin siblings with retinitis pigmentosa
and I am happy that you have made audio-book of your book.