Saturday, January 19, 2008

Film Recommendation: Snow Cake

I've been watching lots of films recently, including the 2006 independent drama 'Snow Cake' starring Signourney Weaver and British actor Alan Rickman. Filmed in Wawa, Ontario in Canada the story centres around Weaver's character Linda, a high-functioning autistic woman. I found Weaver's performance excellent and the film's story profoundly moving. I heartily recommend it.

The film's official homepage can be found at:


Anonymous said...

Dear Daniel

Thank you very much for your wonderful book. It was just brilliant to read about all your adventures and the way in which you have carried out your life so far. You are very caring and kind to allow many scientists & doctors to understand the way you think to help others that aren't as able to communicate as you. You truly are a legend. Thanks

▓▒░ TORLEY ░▒▓ said...

Thanx for the recommendation, Daniel! I've been looking for movies with autistic/Asperger characters ("Mozart and the Whale" was "OK" in my view, I really hyped myself up for it because these kinds of movies are comparatively rare to begin with :p), and any more suggestions you have would be deeply appreciated. :)

Anonymous said...

Livro espectacular

Anonymous said...

I picked up your book two days ago, remembering that it had good reviews. I would have read it in one sitting if I had had the time! Thank you for sharing your life and experiences with the world. I suppose that I am viewed as "normal" but I can empathize with many of your experiences - being the last one picked for teams at school, having trouble making friends as a child, instructing myself how to behave better in social situations, and even worrying about interactions with airline personnel when they come down the aisle asking what I would like to eat and drink. Perhaps, we are all somewhere on the Aspergers/autism spectrum with respect to some aspects of our behaviour. However, few of us are willing to reveal our souls as candidly as you have done. Good luck with all your future endeavors.

Unknown said...

I just saw Snowcake and enjoyed it very much. I miss movies with great plots and dialogues. Might you share with us some other recommendations per chance?

Annie said...

This movie is fantastic! I hope someday the book "The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime" will be adapted to film.

Anonymous said...

Another film you all might like is one with Jack Nicholson. The title is 'As good as it Gets'. There was also a weekly drama on BBC, it was called outnumbered. They don't mention apsergers but clearly there are characters with it. Also anyone with an interest in Asperger syndrome should look at Tony Attwood's website.

Gwen said...

Dear Daniel,

I teach English in Brittany, France. I went to see "Snow Cake" with around 80 pupils aged 17-18 at the British film festival of Dinard last October. I loved it and so did most of them. They, like I did, knew very little about autism; and the sensitivity and subtle humor of the film appealed to them. We worked together in class on the story and had a debate on who was sensitive and who was sensible... it was highly interesting!
Last week, I was looking for a new book to read in English and found yours by chance in my local bookshop. Well, I'm so glad I did!
It's difficult to explain all the different feelings I experienced reading it... I've been an outsider in school too, because I came from a "weird" family, with many children from everywhere... and I also love words and languages (I speak French, English, understand Spanish and have studied Latin, German, Swedish, Irish and even a bit of Chinese... I'm only confortable with the first three mentioned but I really enjoyed having a glimpse of the others).
Reading how you enjoy inventing new words made me think of the scene where Linda and Alex are playing scrabble... which is one of the many brilliant scenes of the film.
Thank you for the messages of tolerance and love in "Born on a blue day". The world seems more beautiful after reading you.

Anonymous said...

Hi there Daniel :)

I was given a copy of your fantastic book by a friend and it was the best thing I have read in a very long time.

My little boy has been diagnosed as being on the autistic spectrum and reading of your experiences has been very helpful. It has given our family a lot of insight into what is going on inside our boy's head and a better idea of how to approach his learning needs. There isnt much literature out there that comes from people who have autism/asperger's so thank you very much!

Another movie I have seen recently is 'The Black Balloon'... it is an older Australian movie about a severely autistic teenager and the predjudice of his community. All I could think of after watching it... thank goodness times are changing!

Anonymous said...

hay daniel i read you book it was great. keep growing in christ. and god bless your family. i want to see snowcake i couldn't found anywhere that had it.