Tuesday, November 03, 2009

New York Times Article

Apologies for the long hiatus - I'm busy at work on my third book (more details on which to follow). In the meantime, I'm posting a link to today's article in the New York Times which references me and 'Embracing the Wide Sky' and includes a recent photo and some of my number drawings.


Steve MC said...

Thanks - I saw your site listed in my RSS feed just yesterday, wondered why I hadn't seen anything from you for some time, and hoped all was well with you.

About the article, whatever they call Asperger's, I got a good touch of it, and it's thanks to a friend and people like you that I can better understand it and what I have to offer.

Jazz2020 said...

1, light;radiance
2, information
3, boundary
4, pierce the boundary
5, deformation;warp space
6, condense
7, initiate formation
8, system formation
9, leaded column;solid structure; ie., dna
10, tear; portal; threshold
11, birth; separation
12, Borne; Resurrection

Loved your artwork; please do more.

Tracy M Warren said...

Honestly, I am baffled at the fact your not a fixed headliner!! There's nothing more ASTOUNDING to me than the beauty that is complexity being flawlessly / instantaneously unraveled. Nothing seems as remotely compelling, as what potential greatness lies dormant in most our beings.
And to see an example of those capabilities unrestricted is nothing less than inspirational.
You broke the mold and your heart is a jewel.
When I'm a proclaimed inspirational song-lyricist/ speaker( give it about a year) expect to hear from me :)
~Tracy M Warren

rtisan said...

Hey Daniel,

I saw you in the documentary about savants a year ago on the science channel, and have now found them again on youtube. So I sent all my family and friends links to the doc.

I also bought your book "Born on a Blue Day" and found it fascinating.

I don't have Aspergers or am autistic, just interested in stuff about the brain.

Anyway, wanted to say "hello" and will purchase your two other books.
You're a real inspiration

Paulene Angela said...

Nice to see you back Daniel.

Hey slow down with the third book, I'm still on chapter one of your second.

Love the colours.

Me said...

Welcome back. It's always good to know what you are doing. The New York Times article is very good. I hope more like it will help people have a better understanding.

Sabine said...

That´s really a good article about Asperger´s Syndrome. It´s necessary to talk about autism for a better understanding and respect all over the world.

Hello from Germany, Sabine

Luff said...

I remember when I was little and people would ask if I was a savant, I'd say no and not really ever look up the true meaning to it because I never really cared. Then on the science channel I saw a Documentary on you or whatever and I laughed because I could never be compared to a being so gifted. I wish you luck in everything you do, and I hope you change the world... Someone has too.

Ryan said...

I have always loved math - I was fortunate to understand it enough to study it in college, but there were always moments when another student or a professor would leave me speechless as they orchestrated a symphony while solving a difficult problem. I saw your interview with David Letterman on YouTube today and I was dumbfounded by your intellect and your connection with mathematics. Galileo once said, "God wrote the universe in the language of mathematics," and I believe that to this day. Your gift is extraordinary, and I'm looking forward to reading your books as well as following your journey as you continue to express ideas and truths that I or countless others will never see.

Unknown said...

Bonsoir Daniel,
J'ai lu, que dis-je, dévoré ton premier livre. Même si je ne suis pas Asperger, je me sens moins seul en lisant ta façon de voir les choses. Quand tu racontes ta vie, j'ai l'impression de lire la mienne.. Nous n'avons que quelques jours de différence (que des nombres premier dans ma date de naissance également) et beaucoup de points communs. C'est un peu bizarre de dire ça mais ta différence rend la mienne moins difficile, ce qui ne m'empêche pas d'être un éternel optimiste et un éternel timide la tête dans les étoiles. Et j'espère que j'aurais la chance un jour de rencontrer mon Jérôme à moi.
Je te souhaite tous les bonheurs du Monde.

Wendy said...

I work with children who have autisim. I found Born on a Blue Day fascinating and it gave me some insight into what my students are coping with (thank you!). I look forward to reading your new book.

Mickael said...


Mickael, 23 in paris, France.
I saw you on french tv a few years ago and was fascinated with the way you experience "things" at every scale.

It's must seem crazy for a lot of people to imagine the way you "pocess information?!?" because for us it appears so complicated that the approach is a little chaotic...
But I think the opposite, 'seems like you found a way to see a sort of order in this complicated chaos of the mind. Could it be possible that you somehow understood the variable interacting behind the "secrets of learning"???