Thursday, July 05, 2012

4 million digits of Pi as a multi-coloured mural

Have a look at this amazing webpage where it is possible to visualise the first 4 million digits of Pi as a multi-coloured mural: Not sure how they came up with the colours for each digit (5 light blue? For me, fives are definitely yellow!). Draw your mouse across the page to pick out all kinds of number sequences. What's the most beautiful pattern you can find?


Dave said...

I must say, they are not very vivid colours. Therefor, I can't really find a most beautiful pattern. But when you move your cursor from left to right or right to left, I like the moving of the colours. The moving makes them blend and more vivid.

The colours they picked kinda remind me of Adobe Kuler.

Rosemary de Dear said...

Dear Daniel,

Perhaps you could contact them and ask them to change the colours, or let you have a copy of the Flash script so you could use your colours.

Regards, Rosemary

Alyssa S said...

That is amazing! I see swoops and swirls forming with some of the more subtle colors. It moves with a flow like water or a flowing script but of no letters I've ever seen.

Rike said...

That's such a great idea! But it would be great if you could enter your own colours so you could show somebody without synaesthesia what a sequence looks like to you.

Peter Ohlsson said...

I would say 693993..

What do you think?

//Peter, Sweden