Sunday, August 12, 2012

Scotsman Profile

Lovely profile by Claire Black in today's Scotsman: Rendez-vous at the Edinburgh Festival on Wednesday August 15th. My event begins at 3.30pm!


Harsh said...

Mr. Tammet, I'm a big fan. Just fascinating how amazing your mind is. I'm comfortable with numbers too and sometimes feel that it is easier for me to remember someone's date of birth than his name..

John Sawkins said...

Nice to meet you today, Daniel. We're really enjoying your book, Thinking in Numbers. I'm sure David, Aileen's musical son, will love it too, just as he did your previous two. Good luck writing your first novel. I decided to write mine a couple of years ago, deliberately disobeying all the basic rules - like audience and purpose, for example. Mine was called: "Defragmenting the Soul", if you're interested.