Monday, February 19, 2007

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Feature in Today's New York Times

There's a great article about my home and day-to-day life in today's New York Times's 'Home & Garden' section, including photos of my house and cat! You can see it online at:

Thursday, February 01, 2007

60 Minutes

Last Sunday, CBS aired an interview with me on their popular '60 Minutes' programme. The response was overwhelming: the book shot straight to No.1 on and I received literally hundreds of emails from people from all across the United States. I wanted to write here to say a big thank you to everyone who wrote to me and/or purchased the book. I'm extremely touched by the sheer scale of the interest in my story and in what I have to say.

The 60 Minutes interview with Morley Safer was originally taped last summer at my home in Kent. Several people have written and asked about the large number of CDs in the background during the interview - they are from our music collection, both mine and my partner Neil's, as we both enjoy listening to music frequently. One eagle-eyed viewer even detected correctly that I'm a Carpenters fan!

For the segment, I painted one of my numerical landscapes - of the first twenty digits of Pi - and many people have written to ask whether they can purchase a print of it. I'm working on this at present, so please check back in the coming days for an update.

In case you missed the broadcast, you can view it online until the end of this week at CBS's website: