Friday, April 13, 2007

Pi Landscape Prints Now Available!

Apologies for the delay, but following many, many, many requests from visitors to the website we've finally arranged a limited edition of high quality art prints of the Pi landscape painting seen on CBS's 60 Minutes programme in January. Each of the prints is individually numbered and signed by myself.

For more information, and/or to purchase online:


Anonymous said...

do you ever feel like your losing touch with your own little world since this one is constantly asking you to step out and describe it?

Anonymous said...

You are truly amazing! I had only read about you before I saw the documentary about you, and what amazed me was that you, with your ineffable capabilities, still were such a down to earth and gentle man. I am really looking forward to read your book! Best regards from an amazed norwegian fan!

Beacon said...

Hi Daniel,
Thanks for your blog, I just saw a video about you on Google video(which I've posted on my blog). I'm sorry for asking this, as I'm sure you are used to people asking you this all the time. Regarding languages, have you learnt how to speak Arabic? My other question is, how does it feel after you've learnt another language? It must be an incredible experience to be able to open up a new window to a whole new culture.

Thanks you for the inspiration, and God bless,
Regards, Beacon.

lama010101 said...

Hello Daniel, I have just finished reading your book 'Born on a Blue Day' and I have been absoutely thrilled by your story and your profound humanity. I admire your intelligence in continuously learning about you, the others and life in general... You are now an inspiration to me in adapting and coping with reality. Please, continue to be part of our lifes by sharing your thoughts, on the web or in another book. You are a beacon of love. You are a true human. Lots of love to you and Neil.

Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work man! Shame you don't update more often, but it's understandable with you being so busy!

What are your feelings on Friday 13th? I have a similar talent with words as you do with numbers (my mind associates pictures with words without anything required from me concioussly) and I know certain words conjour mental images that do not really fit the word. I was wondering if Friday 13th does anything with your mathmatically based mind.

Also, from one Higher Functioning Autistic to another, what happens to you when you learn a new language? I am trying to learn Spanish (multi-vector approach) and for me, the new words sort of "slot in" next to the English words. Almost like they run parallel. Not sure if I am actually making sense here... Is this how it is for you?

Lots of love to you and Neil, and please keep up the great work. I rarely have heroes, but you are one.

Anonymous said...

Hello Daniel from the US.

I checked out your book at my library which is also one of my favorite places. You are the nicest person I have never met.
I think many of your experiences resonate to people who are not savants. For example, getting confused when traveling; I travel for my job and always get lost!

Your parents are to be lauded for their patience and understanding of your situation.

For me, the best part of your book was the end when you said you were a Christian. I felt a spirituality to your writing prior to that and was happy to read about your faith.

Many more happy days to you and continued success in all you do for Aspergers and autism.

Jil said...

I am intrigued by your ability to see numbers as colors. Our small (Christian) Home Group has been learning about colors in creation having associations, like musical notes each having a certain color. Seems everything is so much grander than we suspect!

Yorkshireminer said...

Dear Daniel,

I don't know if you are aware of it but the Nobel Laureate Richard Feynman was also a brilliant mathematician and used plenty of short cuts is also said to have seen his equations as moving changing colors although I don't think that it was the basis of way he solved them, he didn't seem to have any linguistic ability thou, although he did seem to have an instinctive feel for the beat of music. Music seems to be associated more with mathematical genius. Karl Friedrich Gauss often cited as one of the three greatest mathematicians, standing alongside Newton and Archimedes, certainly did have a linguistic ability of the highest order. You have given me a lot of things to ponder over.

Deep regards

Yorkshire miner

Fairview said...

Hello Daniel
I´d like to ask you if you think(or feel) numbers have ´gender´ you know, number 1 masculine, 2 feminine...etc (pythagoras believed this to be the case) ..also the letters of at least the English alphabet seem to be symbols with their own natures...for example many words beginning ´D´ have an, er, diminishing or derogatory nature..what do you think??
Thanks and well done with everything

prjin said...

Hi, Daniel!
im koeran(south) and i read your book 'Breain man, meet the kingdom of heaven'(in korea, your book calle this). in fact, my major is psychology and i know well Asperger's syndrome. so im really moved your story. i send applaud to you.

be happy! :D

marlena hirsch said...

Dear Daniel
Thank you for your bilingual material and thought full comments about simplified spelling. Your materials and ideas that help me appreciate spelling will help me with my teaching. I will pass this on to my students. I also enjoyed your book.