Friday, April 11, 2008

MSA Charity Appeal

My editor at Hodder, Helen Coyle, will be running a 10 kilometre race on June 7th to raise money for the only UK charity supporting people with MSA and their carers - the Sarah Matheson Trust.

MSA (Multiple System Atrophy) is a rare degenerative neurological disorder, caused by the degeneration in nerve cells in different regions of the brain. You can find out more about the condition at the charity's website:

The trust receives no funding other than donations from the public so every donation, whatever its size, really does make a difference. You can donate online at and give your support to this very worthwhile cause.


Anonymous said...

I was just skimming throuh the symptoms on the website that you posted. MSA sounds similar to Parkinsons. My grandfather died of Parkinsons. I was very young at the time. My mother told me that towards the end he couldn't hold anything in his hands without dropping it. His last wish was to hold his coffee cup and drink. One of his sons held the bottom of the mug while my grandfather cupped his shaking hands around the sides. With the bottom supported, he was able to sip the coffee while holding his mug. Those who were there said that it had been years since he had looked so happy (well... as happy as a man can look when he can no longer control his facial expressions). We take so much for granted in this world.

Folks told me that he died later that week when he degenerated to the point that he couldn't control his breathing. I would have like to have known him better. As a result, I am planning on dedicating my life to study of the human brain (I enter college next year).

Thank you so much for supporting and caring for those who are going through terrible neurological degeneration and other neurological conditions.

wordmuse said...

thank you for the link

Anonymous said...

Hi Daniel, I'm a 29 y.o. girl from Italy. I bought your book (I mean, the italian version) and I read it in 2 days. Thank you so much for having shared with us your world and your experiences, it has deeply touched me. If you'll decide to learn also the italian language, I'll be very happy if you'll write to me.

My best wishes and regards,
Valeria (e-mail address:

Sarah said...

Thank you, Daniel, for sharing your story with all of us. It is a blessing to see someone using their notoriety for good, like your effort for the MSA cause and all the charities you support. Blessings to you!

Anonymous said...

I saw a commercial for a Discovery Health Channel program featuring twin Savants. I decided to look up what a Savant was and discovered your website. I am going to try to buy your book this weekend if we have the extra money because I am so interested in reading it after looking through your site. :)