Friday, August 01, 2008

Pi Postcards Now Available!

We are now offering sets of 10 postcards (100x150mm) showing my Pi landscape painting - a great way to send a 'slice of Pi' to friends and family everywhere!

Limited edition (50 worldwide) A3 prints of the painting are also available.

Both can be purchased via this site (link below) and we deliver worldwide.


Dave Lucas said...

Hello Daniel!

I watched online video of you drawing what numbers look like to you in your mind. This brought back an incredible memory for me: when I was in college, I kept a small notebook for biology class which I updated daily from my badly handwritten notes. I'd do my updates in the evening, using coloured pens to list all the information and even draw diagrams. Once I completed the day's work, I would not look at it again until the night before testing. I would not dwell on, but simply read each page ONCE, and then close the book, put it out of my mind, and go to sleep. Come the following day, I would score between 95 and 100 per cent on the exam! I wonder if there is a way a person could "learn" your numbers colour system: perhaps it lies somewhere in human brain circuitry?

Dave Lucas

Anonymous said...

Dear Daniel and others,

I've got print number 42, and I thought that I ought to memorize the digits (20), and so I did. But then I wanted to memorize 42 digits because I'm addicted to 42, and now I can memorize 110 decimals, and it's actually very easy - especially when some of the number sequences are extremely beautiful.
BUT knowing that it is an never ending task to memorize pi digits I think that I'll stop before it starts to control my life "too" much. Maybe I'll see if the numbers stay in my memory, and then I can add 100 digits every year - a new Chrismas tradition or maybe my own little secret birthday present to myself?

Best wishes with your new book.
Morten Klockmann, Copenhagen.