Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Idea Festival - Louisville Kentucky 1 Oct 2010

I will be a guest speaker at this year's fantastic Idea Festival in Louisville, Kentucky. My event at Kentucky's Center for the Performing Arts starts at 3pm on 1 October. For more information about the festival, and my lecture: http://www.ideafestival.com/


Daniel G.G. said...

Hola desde españa Daniel, solo queria mandarte un saludo, acabo de comprar tu libro Born on a blue day, despues de ver un documental en el que se hablaba de ti. Buscando información he llegado a esta página y he visto que habia fallecido Kim Peek, una lastima, parecia una buena persona, lo siento de veras. Bueno, que te vaya muy bien en Louisville y en tu vida en general, realmente me pareces una persona increible.

Unknown said...

Daniel, we're excited that you'll be at the IdeaFestival!

Δίmορfoς 詠春 said...

wow, i like it :) ideas! more good ideas!

Anonymous said...

So good to have news of you - it has been so long since you posted anything on your blog.
Loved your two books - hoping all goes well!

Ela said...

Dear Daniel,

Please let me know if you are planning a visit to New Zealand, we would be very happy to meet you.
My son also loves numbers, I was reading him recently your book "Born on a blue day" and he liked it very much. Thanks for making other people aware that being "different" doesn't neccessarily mean that there is something wrong with them that needs fixing. You have a beautiful mind, autistic kids/people have beautiful minds, the only mind that need fixing is the human mind :)

Emanuele Valente said...

Hi, Daniel ^^
I really admire you and the way you see the world - it's not just interesting, it's simple and most of beautiful things that we know are simple.
I'm from Brazil and it's difficult to find your books here, specially in the place where I live and I've not read them yet.
I hope you come to my country someday, I'd really like to know you and tell you about Amazônia and the habits we have here - I don't know if you like to know about it, but Amazônia is much more than people think.
Hugs and a nice week to you...