Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Brain: The Inside Story - Museum of Natural History New York

I invite all New Yorkers to visit the fascinating new 'Brain - the Inside Story' exhibition opening November 2010 at the Museum of Natural History. My Pi recitation record forms part of the 'Memory' section and my books will be available for purchase at the exhibition's 'brain bookstore'.

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Anonymous said...


Dear Daniel,

Pax Christi! I just finished your book, Born on a Blue Day. Thank you for your witness. I admire your great skills and courage. I also love languages and words!

Que Dios se bendiga.

In Christ,
Sister M. Christiana, F.S.G.M.

Unknown said...


The past hours have been filled with watching and reading pieces of you in different corners of the net, this blog included. I thought I'd write, mostly just to say thanks.

Even in bare details your story's wonderful. And when it comes in the shape of such a gentle and quietly adventurous man, it's something all the more generous and happy.

It feels warming, even if a little narcissistic, to be able to point to so many affinities - numbers and language, faith, gardening and nature, age, family size, a place for Chesterton and Dickinson, travelling to teach English as a volunteer, sexuality - with a man who in other ways is far beyond what I've known first-hand. Whatever the vocabulary we're given for describing abilities and limitations, in you it's clear that they're all best understood as gifts.

I think the only thing in your commentary which hasn't rung true for me was in a reply you made, defending a natural place for homosexuals as childless carers for their parents. But even there, your point seemed meant more as a positive example than a limiting prescription.

I hope blessings keep coming, in all the colours of a grateful heart. I'll read on here from Sydney. Thanks again, to a sunfarer.


Anora McGaha said...

Just learned about you on 20/20! Fantastic!

Would love to subscribe to your blog, but don't see that you have that widget set up yet.

in North Carolina, USA

Paul said...

Sounds like a fascinating exhibit.

Wish I were able to visit NYC during the holiday season and stop by...

Unknown said...

After stumbling across a short video on you a few days ago, I spent hours finding out as much as I could about you, and every moment of this search has been wonderfully rewarding.

How inspirational a story and what an amazing life you have and lead.

I now have both of your books and already finished the memoir.
Since I pass the AMNH daily on my way to work I certainly will make a detour to check out the Brain exhibit very soon. I am excited just thinking about the experience I will have there.

I will continue to follow you and look forward with great anticipation the release of your first novel as well as other contributions you will give to the world at large.

All my best to you, and your partner, Jerome, in Avignon!

Chip Tilden
New York City