Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Portrait by Siegfried Woldhek for TED2011

A fun portrait of me by the artist Siegfried Woldhek for my TED2011 talk. Find more examples of his work on the artist's flickr page:


paikanne said...


Je me permets de vous adresser quelques mots en français puisque vous les comprendrez alors que moi, je ne suis pas capable de m'exprimer en anglais.

J'ai terminé ce matin la lecture de "Je suis né un jour bleu" et j'en ai été bouleversée ; pourtant, c'est vraiment le hasard (?) qui m'avait conduite au livre...

Bien cordialement


Anonymous said...

Like Paikanne i'm french, but I hate to speak in french to an english native (even if I speak i real bad english -_- but i'm hopeful, i'll practice ...).
Anyway I finish your book (Born on a blue day) this afternoon and I really enjoy it. I was fascinated by the way you speak of numbers, languages (how it's easy to learn more of them in combining word that's seem alike in our mind). I also enjoy konwing your story, even if certain transition (to a certain idea to another, or to a strong narrative passage to a paragraph of explanations about numbers, and other) are in a sort of way faltering.
Weel don't take it personaly, I like to squabble over tiny little details ; it doesn't change that i really enjoy your book and that i'm looking forward reading the next one :D

Have a good day and thank you for your book :) I assume the weather is good now, less heat and no more rain.

Eliane said...

Hi Daniel

I finished your book, born on a blue day, not long ago! Thanx for writing it!! I really enjoyed reading it and I felt it was written in a very easy way. No complicated sentences or words, just the way you talk.

I'm a synaesthet too, but not at all a savant!! It's great to read the examples of synaesthesia!!
My second son is also born on a blue day!! His birth was great, it was on a Thursday! Isnt your Thursday blue also?!;)

Great blog!



TheatreKid :) said...

Hi Daniel,

I'm thirteen years old and I just read your book. It was amazing and fascinating! I'm now writing a rather long essay about it. I don't know if I have synesthesia, but I do associate colors with numbers. Mainly up to ten, because about ten they just become the combination of the two numbers' colors. For example, my zero is gray, one is white, my two is blue, my three is sunflower yellow, my four is red, five is greed, six is color pink, seven is purple, eight is orange, but slightly coral like six, nine is dark brown and ten is almost transparent. Then the pattern continues, for instance fifteen is
white->green, and twenty is blue->gray. Could you please tell me the general colors that you have for the numbers 1-15?

Victoria said...

Bonjour Daniel !
J'aime bien ce portrait, il est très ressemblant mais je trouve que vos yeux sont plus ouverts, plus vifs en vrai ^^.
Au fait, je suis au lycée et je voulais savoir si vous aviez un conseil pour apprendre plus facilement l'anglais ?

PS : J'ai lu une partie de "Embrasser le ciel immense" et je le trouve vraiment très intéressant ! J'en prends note :)


Josh Keyes said...

Hello Daniel,

Your abilities fascinate me. What is your favorite number? And, what does number 17 look like to you?