Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Ted2011 Talk Now Online

My TED2011 presentation in Long Beach, California, filmed in March 2011, is now available to watch via the website:


Anonymous said...

I just saw your talk on TED. A very nice, interesting and inspiring talk! Thank you for sharing this with all of us. I hope you have a good time in France.

Greedings from Germany,

Jim Melfi said...
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dedonagarganta said...

I watched the TED talk and then some other videos on youtube.
It is amazing what you've been doing, and what you've already accomplished.
Thank you for all the information, i am going to purchase your book (Embrace the wide sky). I am looking forward to see the world a little bit diffrent.

Greetings from Rio, Brazil.
Felipe Moitta

Peggy said...

I'm listening to your audiobook, Born on a Blue Day. Wondered if you've seen a William Shatner film in Esperanto called "Incubus". I heard about it in his autobiography "Up Till Now" which I do recommend- he laughs about the movie, though, apparently the actors learned lines phonetically rather than learning the language!

Roy | Cruisesurfingz said...
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Anonymous said...

I once had the pleasure of "teaching" a genius youngster in a class. David Gil was his name. His IQ was evidently off the charts. While not a Savant, he was every bit as likable and friendly as you appear to be Daniel. I'm fascinated not just in how your brain is seemingly wired differently, but also, with the almost poetic, beautiful way that you describe it. I would love to "get inside your brain" and experience what you do for a day. Just to be able to more fully understand something that we so very rarely get to see. Thank you VERY much for sharing your "condition" with us. It's truly astounding.

From Houston, Texas.

Alice said...

I've read Born on a Blue Day before, and although I'm not a savant, I could relate to parts of your childhood where you were more interested on things instead of interacting with others. I thing being 'normal' is something you cannot decide in a black-of-white way of thinking, and you are a beautiful example. I enjoyed the TED talk immensely. Thanks for going out into the world to share your experience!