Friday, January 16, 2009

CBC 'The Hour' Interview

On Wednesday I appeared on CBC's late night show 'The Hour' and talked with host George Stroumboulopoulos about my life and ideas, and put him to the test as you'll see in this link to the interview!:


Anonymous said...

Dear Daniel,

I was delighted with you, when I saw the interview you had with George Stoumboulopoulos... mostly I was struck by your gentleness and graciousness.

I truly admire the way that you taught yourself to understand and resonate with emotions (and also social intimacies; not an easy feat for anyone). I believe that life itself, or rather, the movement in and of life, is a language all in itself : ) Perhaps you may share this belief.

I am a Mom of an 18 year old son, who has autism. He is strikingly intuitive, gentle and caring. He and I have spent hours together, teaching each other, and learning from one another; breaking down the smallest of fragments, that make up society’s emotional and social interactions.
It strikes me that you and he both display the same courage in spirit... both, pioneers in a deep way.

Thank you Daniel, for sharing your unique and beautiful gifts. This mother’s heart, encourages and supports all of your future endeavours.

Take care,

BC Canada

Unknown said...

By chance (or maybe not -- maybe it's synchronicity) I've been reading the book The Man Who Tasted Shapes by Richard E. Cytowic the last couple of weeks -- perhaps you've heard of it? So the concept of synesthesia is not foreign to me, although the understanding is (I still can't imagine how it works).

So night before last I happened to turn on the tv to The Hour when you were on it, and I heard about you for the first time. I am so fascinated and a bit jealous and envious of you because I think you must live in a world that is much richer than the world most of us live in -- sorta like the difference between seeing in full color and being color-blind. I will definitely look for your two books -- I'd really like to read them. From your interview you sound like you've had to teach yourself lots of things that the rest of us take for granted, though. Like learning how to look directly at people. I wouldn't believe it if you hadn't said it, you seemed so natural.

I agree with the first poster's first paragraph -- "I was delighted with you, when I saw the interview you had with George Stoumboulopoulos... mostly I was struck by your gentleness and graciousness."

Shari Slonski said...

Dear Daniel,
I've enjoyed many of the guests on The Hour, with George, however I've never enjoyed watching or listening to an interview as much as I had yours.

What a delightful young man you are. I'm so glad that I was able to catch the interview and hear your story and learn about your amazing and unique abilities and gifts.

I look forward to reading your books of which I plan to purchase when I go into town tomorrow.

All the best to you in your future endeavours and career.


Anonymous said...

Dear Daniel,

Thank for your graciousness and fortitude - but mostly, thank you for "getting out there" and telling your story. This is what is, and will be, inspiring to everyone and even more so to other people that struggle with the day to day challenges of living within the Autism spectrum. Bravo to you.

One comment regarding the colours you see from number combinations. I once heard the famous singer/songwriter, Joni Mitchell, in an interview say that she experiences different musical keys and chords as colours. My guess is that this might be somewhat more common amongst artists than most of us think.

You're an amazing young man, Daniel. All the best in your journey of being "out there" and "doing it!"

Warm Regards,

Vancouver, BC

Anonymous said...

great interview daniel... i always enjoy listening to you. it is inspirational to hear you speak of the ability to expand brain function, or should i say its a relief that it can be done. just have to figure how to do it.
thank you

Anonymous said...

I've only recently begun to get interested in Mr. Tammet after stumbling onto "The Boy with the Incredible Brain" here in the U.S. I'm absolutely mesmerized by Daniel's talents, but also impressed with his considerable charm. A brilliant man and an extremely likeable one, it's a combination you don't always see.
I've been gobbling up clips on YouTube and I was happy to find this blog out here. Thanks for posting the video clip. I'm don't believe I have access to the CBC over here across the pond.
You're the man, Daniel. I'll be tuning in.

Paulene Angela said...

Dear Daniel,

I am truly impressed by the video link, you are a profesional, so calm and informative, excellent.

One except from the interview when you mentioned that you felt like a alien in the UK, I had the same sensation 20 years ago, that is why I too had to leave to find myself!. Whatever, I am proud to be a member of the "special group" here on planet earth.

I have your new book on order.
Sending you my best wishes and thank you for sharing your experiences.

Unknown said...

Ter(v)e Daniel!

I saw you in "The Boy with the Incredible Brain", which was a part of TVO's Brain week programming, and was very intrigued and touched by your story and abilities. I take care of a boy who has been diagnosed as mildly autistic and I am looking for ways to connect with him and help him enjoy his life as the sweet person he is. I also have a brother who suffered a massive stroke and is suffering because he is locked away in a nursing home without adequate stimulation and rehabilitation. Anything to do with out-of-the-ordinary/revolutionary/creative/inventive methods & discoveries of how the brain works and changes is of great interest to me. Need to get those books of yours! Last but not least, your Estonian roots and interest in the Finnish language are such a delight to learn about, Mr. Oaks ;-D
All the best for your endeavours!



Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Tammet,

I was fortunate to see your story some time ago on the show Brainman / The Boy With the Incredible Brain. You are an inspiration. I could only begin to repeat the sentiments that have already been posted here so I'll keep it short.

Thank you for helping us to understand the human mind; for helping us to understand ourselves. By being so open and sacrificing a great deal of your privacy you have become not just a person with special talent. You have become a great man.

Best wishes,

Anonymous said...

never knew of you til by chance flippin 'round the channels at something like 3 am...(prefer sleeping during the day; light hurts my brain so often) day killing time in the university bookstore before an appointment and there was 'born on a blue day' (second hand, so i could afford to buy it which i did...wouldnt even have noticed it if hadnt seen you on 'the hour' the night before!)

absolutely blew my mind not so much that you experience perception in such an alternative sense - many of my friends and myself enjoy commiserating joyfully about this way of being...i am however truly impressed with your stunning ability to communicate rhe nature of your experience to others whose systems of mental process have never known this type of reality. forgive my poor expression but i guess i am trying to say "wow, you rock".
from dawn in canada