Saturday, January 24, 2009

Promotional tour photos

Appearing on CBC's 'The Hour' with host George Stroumboulopoulos

UK edition of 'Embracing the Wide Sky'

Signing copies of 'Embracing' in Toronto

Giving a talk at London's Science Museum Dana Centre

With psychiatrist Dr. Norman Doidge and Canadian TV presenter Steve Paikin for the TVO show 'The Agenda'

In the hot seat for an interview for 'Good Morning America NOW' in New York


VersionDG said...

Hi Daniel,

Just seen a documentary on your amazing ability with numbers, and googled to learn a bit about you. Coincidence.. my birthday and yours is on jan 31st... Just one week ahead... Happy Birthday !

Anonymous said...

Dear Daniel: readers of your blog may be interested in hearing the podcast of your Jan. 16 appearance on TVO's The Agenda with Steve Paikin. Here is the link:

The podcast can also be found through the show's web site

This program was part of TVO's Mysteries of the Mind Week. The web site features educational videos and activities that explore the human mind.

captgrant said...

I saw your interview on "The Hour", last night and it has enhanced my intrigue with the human brain. Do you know if it is possible to increase brain activity through diet? I will purchase your book and get my brain to learn more of the world around me. Help mankind as best you can...

Unknown said...

Greetings Daniel, I really enjoyed your honest memoir "Born on a Blue Day" and I am currently reading "Embracing the Wide Blue Sky." I was born on Easter Sunday and my favorite number is 22. I was curious about your sensory associations to those. Congratulations on your media success :-)
Sincerely, T.Mark

Anonymous said...

merci d'exister
jcm from marseille

jowoje said...

Je vous ai découvert dans plusieurs émissions de TV françaises. Votre parcours m'a impressionné. Votre manière de nous apprendre à penser autrement me plait beaucoup. J'ai envie de tester vos conseils pour apprendre le tibétain ;-) . Encore merci pour toutes vos explications et votre gentillesse.
Daniel de Genève.