Tuesday, February 10, 2009

CBC Hour photos on Flickr

A set of photos from my interview on CBC's 'The Hour' with George Stroumboulopoulos has been put up by the production team on Flickr:



Jen said...

I hope it is not out of place for me to write you here, so I apologize if it is.
My name is Jennifer. I live in Bountiful, Utah just 10 minutes from downtown Salt Lake City. I first saw you on the Science channel show 'Brainman'. After that I was fascinated with you and your abilities. I looked for more info on the 'Discover' website and found you had a book. I was excited and got it quickly from the library (this is something too as I rarely enjoy reading because its hard for me to find books that keep my interest). It was wonderful to get to know you through your writing and your life experiences. I found you to be a very loving, intriguing and very likable person.(side note: I was so mad at your teacher that got another child to get rid of your ladybirds! UNBELIEVABLE! I would have broken his door too!...on purpose ;) )
When I had originally watched Brainman I would have never guessed that you had any difficulties in being with a lot of people or things like that. You are very natural! It was only when I read your book 'Born on a Blue Day' that I found this out. So Kudos to you for that! You are a pro! A lot of people I bet have told you that.
I have always believed that we have much more potential in our brains than what we are able to do. With my religious beliefs it only makes sense. And so maybe that is why I find your abilities so fascinating. I can see in you a glimpse of what we can all become.
I am waiting for a copy of your new book to be available at my library and look forward to learning more from you.
I think it is wonderful that you have such an ability with other languages too. This makes it easy for you to share yourself and your abilities to the world. We are all blessed to be able to learn from you. You are a gift! Thank you.

Oryx Orange said...

Hi, Daniel.

I came across your name while researching intelligence for a blog post I'm writing. I just finished watching your interview with George Stroumboulopoulos for the Canadian television program The Hour.

I also experience synaesthesia, but on a much less consistent basis than you do. Mine occasionally crosses over into numbers, but primarily covers the common ground shared by words, music, and colour.

I hope it is not inappropriate for me to ask in this space, but I am curious about your impressions of the qualities of the number 8, particularly which colour(s), if any, that you associate with it. It would also be interesting to know of any particular personality traits, sounds, or sensations that come into consideration when you think of what I consider to be this most beautiful of numbers.

Unknown said...

Hello Daniel,

Thank you for being interviewed by George Stroumboulopoulos and providing me the opportunity to learn more about you. I've enjoyed both of your books and watched the "Brainman" documentary. I'm glad that your wonderful abilities have been given an audience through your recitation of Pi. Thank you again.


Anonymous said...

My name is Kati. I am a high school drama teacher in Montreal, QC. First I read your Born on A Blue Day book, followed by your second. I also have watched "Brain Man" and interviews with Letterman, George S and French TV people. I have always been intrigued by children with autism, Asperger's..an have taught "regular kids mixed with "the different ones"
"..we all are different...said Kim Peek.. By the way, I still have tears in my eyes thinking of Fran, who has survived his son.. please tell me, Daniel, how is the old gentleman doing?...I know that you are in touch with him.
One last word: I cannot wait for more number paintings. I have given away 10 postcards of your Pi to friends. Looking forward to your third book. It is an honor to read and hear about you. You ARE an inspiration to every type of people.