Monday, February 02, 2009

Globe and Mail bestseller!

'Embracing the Wide Sky' has made the Globe & Mail bestseller list in Canada:


Rob said...

I saw your interview on 'The Hour' this evening. Best of luck with the book!

Prabab said...

Great to hear such good news :).

Anonymous said...


Jennie said...

I'm looking forward to reading your new book. My sister gave me "Born on a blue day" to read. Both my sisters and I have synesthesia and the first chapter of your book describes it so accuratly.

It's comforting to me that you see the number one as a blinding light because this is how I also see the number one. I felt disturbed when you described the number six because to me, six is magenta and quite gregarious.

I often fought with my sisters when we were young over what we knew were the colors of certain numbers and letters.

I'm glad that there is an explanation for why I taste sunsets!

Anonymous said...

Dear Daniel,

Congratulations! I look forward to reading your new book, as I found Born on a Blue Day both intriguing and touching.

I actually had a question for you; have you ever considered the Kryptos challenge (see link below)? If you're not familiar, it is a sculpture at the USA's FBI with four "verses" of code. I thought with your talents, you could crack the fourth, unsolved portion (and perhaps ask donors to give to charity if you do!).

All the best,

Unknown said...

I've started reading your book yesterday and I now know that my brain produces dopamine when I read really good books. Thank you

Anonymous said...

Dear Daniel,
Thank you for enlightening the world. I have watched your interview on the French program. It was excellent. Like you I was born on a blue day, it is giving me hope...
Daniel, like you I believe that our system of education is failing us, instead of freeing us it is enslaving us.
I never did anything at school except in languages and geography.
Je suis francaise,je suis du sud, et j'ai 62 ans.
J'etais surprise d'apprendre que vous habitiez a Avignon.
La raison pour laquelle je vous ecrit et pour vous faire part du blog de Paulo Coelho, qui peut vous interesser.
Here is what I wrote a while ago;
"I don't know about you, but as I grow older, I want to travel a bit lighter, meaning I want to enjoy my life's journey's and leave my heavy suitcase where it belongs - in the past.
When I see the devastation that's surrounding me, I cant' help to ponder at what sort of legacy we are leaving for our children and our grandchildren
What have we achieved so far? I have read somewhere that over 5,000 years, we have had 3,000 years wars. Surely, we should have learned something out of that. Apparently not.
I know I might sound like an idealist, however I want to live in a country without borders.
A place that will provide me with the substance and knowledge I need to make-up my own mind about life.
A place where everybody is included regardless of the colour of their skins, genders, religions and ages.
A place with one language - the language of the truth.
A place where men will blend in what Nature Earth's has to offer, where all minds will mingle.
A place without discrimination - where the sick and the disabled, the deaf and the mute will also have their say.

The Internet, is in my opinion, one of our most powerful weapons of mass- consciousness that we have. It is a step forward, for the betterment of mankind.
I could not think of a better way to voice our concerns on subjects that matter to us and will in the long run, benefit our planet. As we know, power is knowledge and the more knowledge we can gather, the more we can share around.
I thank you Paulo, for allowing me to participate.
One of the subject, I am passionate about is cancer. Cancer and its ramifications i.e. : mental illness, Alzheimer, depression, etc
There are several reasons for that ;
1- is because I have experienced it myself.
2- cancer is one of our biggest enemy in this modern time. It strikes everywhere around the world, regardless.
Recently, I have read a book "Anti-Cancer" by Pr Servan Schreiber, who is the head of Psychiatry and has also done intense research in neuro-science.
Pr Servan Schreiber has ha cancer twice and through his own observations gives us a view of his experiences.
Although huge progress have been made in medicine, these days, I believe interference with nature's way; (through over prescription) by the medical profession should be revised.
The book is not only aimed at cancer patient. It is also a guide for preventing it by regaining power through good sleep, physical exercise (walking, learning to breathe, meditation, implementation of a good dietary program (following the Mediterranean diet for ex rich in Omega 3) agood network support, getting in touch with your past.
I have myself implemented his recommendations and I know that it works.
These are a few of the subjects I am interested in. I hope you will take an interest in that important field of science.
Let's start the ball rolling and voice our opinion on what is important for us and what makes us "tick".
On the subject of education,here are some of my thoughts.
La geometrie
Le cote feminin du cerveau
Apprendre aux enfants a danser
Une nouvelle methode pour enseigner les maths
La geometrie Sacre
Ou les reves se realisent
La dance carre, le cercle, les pirouettes, etc
Je danse la samba

THe feminine side of the brain
Teaching children to dance
A new way of learning mathematics
Sacred geometry
Where dreams are possible
Square dance, circle , pirouettes, etc
I dance 'Samba'
'That's the way to go"

"I believe the teaching of philosophy is a valuable asset in that it allows you to look at different point of views, acquiring critical skills, analysing them and making-up your own mind about them. It gives you an independent way of reasoning and therefore leads you to become a better adjusted person that can contribute to your community and the world in a positive mature and responsible way- You become a
free thinker -"

You might be interested in participating in the debate at
There is a lady on the" Your Space in my blog 9th of February,2009- who has a daughter with Autistic Spectrum Disorder and I am going to mention your blog. I hope you won't mind.
Thank you et passez une bonne journee.