Monday, February 09, 2009

Interview in Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

Here's an interview I recently gave on my book (German translation available by Patmos, entitled Wolkenspringer) and ideas: (type 'Tammet' to find article - the link is too long to include in full here!)


Anonymous said...

omg Daniel, I just saw Brainman last night and loved it. Found your Advocate article, today, and now I see you have a blog! Fantastic - I'll read up...

So something I wondered about and haven't found the answer to yet: when you recited pi to 22.5k, had you memorized it? Or were you calculating it in your head?

Or were you "seeing" it in your mind the way you describe seeing numbers up to 10,000?

You say you see a landscape of numbers - is this how it works for you with pi? Is it one digit after another in base 10? I will read your book ...

I've always thought I had just a little synesthesia - mainly 4 is green, and has something to do with R as well. And if I pay attention, 8 is blue, 9 is purple, 6 is brown, 2 is yellow. 3 or 5 is red, and yeah I think I agree with you that 1 is white. ;)

I've never been sure if it was something left over from when I first learned numerals - we had these plastic toy numerals that were each a different color. Ah well, enough about me lol.

Anyway - so glad to have learned about your story!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Tammet:
I was so inspired by your story in Born on a Blue Day after reading it. I had gotten diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome when I was 12. I am almost 17-years-old and I've gotten through many different challenges; a lot of them are just like the ones you went through.

I'm writing a research paper on Autism for my English 10 class, and I'm using you and your story as a strong example of how people like us can live and lead normal lives. My boyfriend Darian is helping me on my paper and is very supportive.

I hope you come to Pennsylavinia some day so I can meet you and talk to you about some of the things we could possibly connect to.

Anonymous said...

Mr Tammet,
Reading your books is like traveling through a very intimate world. I gave your book "je suis né un jour bleu" to one of my pupils with difficult personal problems and it made him happy reading it. Thanks for your help and kindness in everything you say. I feel like meeting you, inviting you at home, knowing you better...because there is so much tenderness and generosity in the way you speak, write and look at people.