Saturday, February 21, 2009

Embracing the Wide Sky German Edition

I'll be in Hamburg, Germany, next week to promote the German edition of 'Embracing the Wide Sky' entitled 'Wolkenspringer' (cloud jumper!) Here's what the book looks like:


Katrin said...

I just read this interview on Spiegel online .,1518,610651,00.html#ref=rss

It was very enlightening.

My partner wants to learn German, but every time I try to teach him I realize that I don’t understand how the language works myself, even though (or is it because)I am German.

I hope we’ll find a German course on your website soon.

Best wishes,

Adm.Polli said...

I've seen you at Beckmann. Greetings from Germany. :o)

Oliver said...

Hi Daniel.
I saw your appearance at Beckmann yesterday, too:
I was very happy to see you first time in German television and that you cared to learn german for this interview is very kind of you, Daniel!
I hope you soon get the chance to practice your German soon! :-) And I wanted to say to you - as a frequent viewer of Beckmann and a native speaker - that the moderator and the other guests, (especially our finance minister) were really astonished by being taught your point of view on numbers and hole life.
And as a gay man I was also very proud about your open statement on television about your feelings for your boyfriend – thanks Daniel!

Ein lieber Gruß aus Stuttgart von

Anonymous said...

Hallo Daniel

I also saw you at Beckmann's.
You are a very likeable person and it was really very interesting to hear your thoughts.
I am a mathematician and I share your feeling about the beauty of prime numbers.

I will read your books and I am sure I will learn much out of them !

Wish you all the best !

Anonymous said...

Hi Daniel,
I also saw you at Beckmann and must state that your German was very good for just one week of learning. Wow!
Should you ever choose to come to Vienna I would love to meet up with you!
Wien ist eine sehr schöne Stadt an der Donau. Es wäre interessant ob du den Slang der Menschen hier (sie sprechen nämlich etwas "anders" Deutsch in Österreich) verstehen könntest.
Toll fand ich auch dass du so offen mit deiner Homosexualität umgehst! Nur weiter so!
Viele Grüße
PS: Dein neues Buch werde ich allerdings auf English kaufen...weil ich erst mal richtig Englisch lernen muss. Das Kapitel "Falling in love" aus dem Buch "Born on a Blue Day" fand ich sehr sehr rührend, hat mich an mein eigenes Coming-Out erinnert...ich war 12 und fand die Helden in Filmen immer so interessant *lol*

HARNELBE said...

Hi !
I just seen your interview in "Canal plus" french TV .
Could you say when you'll we'll be in France for a conference ?
Thanks in advance.

Anonymous said...

Hello Daniel,
I wasn't able to see you on German TV because I live in the U.S. now (I grew up in Germany). I'd be interested to know whether you have experience with the Japanese language. Its structure is so fundamentally different from European languages f.e., but I wonder whether an extremely gifted person such as you would find it at all harder than say German. The relationship of the speaker to whoever they're talking to determines the choice of words and the level of politeness to be used. I'm curious whether you'd be able to learn this within a week... Then again, there seems to be a strong intuitive component to the way you process problems; maybe you'd find Japanese totally easy...

Greetings from New Mexico,

Anonymous said...

Bonjour Daniel,

Hier, vous êtiez l'invité de Thierry Ardisson, votre gentillesse m'a touché. Profitez de tous ce que la vie va vous apporter. Viver avec légèreté.

Anonymous said...

Dear Daniel,

i love to listen to your Interview in German at "Beckmann" :-)
Your "example" with "kn" or "Str" is really, really helpful for me because i am used to put words in special orders - a little, little bit like you do - but my teachers and parents didn't find that "funny", and i prefer to learn a language by childrens books like you "recommended" - i hope your vision of language-teaching will be spread overall Europe... and maybe you can find some "alliance" with the EuroCom - Projekt
maybe you have a look on that and it might help Katrin, her partner to learn german with "EuroComGerm -Die sieben Siebe: Germanische Sprachen lesen lernen" by Britta Hufeisen und Nicole Marx (Editors)

Viele herzliche Grüße aus Deutschland!

Unknown said...

Hello Daniel,
I think you are amazing :) It was wonderful to hear you explaining about your abilities. It took me 2 years to learn speaking German fluently. I also think that German is a clearly structured and clean :) Ich bin in Jakarta geboren und meine Muttersprache ist indonesisch. Es ist extrem anders als Englisch oder Deutsch. Du hast aber sehr hervorragend Deutsch gesprochen, obwohl Deutsch eine schwierige Sprache ist.
I hope that you keep on evolving yourself and reach your goals in life.
viele Grüße aus Saarbrücken

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Tammet,

I´m german and will write to you in a rather rough english to tell you, I just finished your book „Wolkenspringer“! I´m impressed! It was as if I sat with a brilliant young man for a few evenings, having a very interesting conversation about a lot of astonishing subjects worth thinking about.

I tried your name as well in the german version of Wikipedia an found an interesting documentary film about you and your interview in german tv (Beckmann).

Of course, it is astonishing to hear and read about one of the few savants in the contemporary world. But even more than that I´m impressed of your kindness to others. I call it “love”: Love to life, to the other people, to science, to worlds of knowledge, a concern about the whole world. – And all that in a modest way, a sign of humanity and hope. That was even more touching than your brain-abilities.
Thank you very mutch!

Anonymous said...

im writing a "Fallstudie" of you. i study psychology at the university of berne, switzerland and besides taking my first steps into artwork.
you are an ispiration for science and artwork. thanks for being such a great human.



S said...

Over the years after seeing and reading about your accomplishments in so many areas one can not help but be in awe. The one that has touched me the most is what started this positive domino effect, your personal decision to confront a world which may still be a mystery to you. Thank you for being so brave and allowing a bridge for many to cross and better understand a world (Autism) which we're sure has more to offer than we think, but it is yet so hard for us to figure out. Thank you for your work, example and explanations which gives clues into how to better understand and ultimately love mankind deeper. DD

Michelle said...

Hi Daniel,
I just finished reading your book, Born on a Blue Day, and now I'm doing my English biography project on it. Your book has really inspired me, and so has your artwork. You are a very enlightening person, and I hope you continue writing books to inspire others.

Greetings from Washington, D.C.,

gabi said...

Cool! I hope the book will be released on Brazil someday... I really want to read it!

Papillon said...

Bonjour Daniel Tammet!
Alors, je t'ai vu parler dans l'emission de "PRISE DIRECTE" sur FRANCE2, je veux juste te dire que je t'ai appréci, j'ai tros aimé ta façon dont tu parle, meme la façon dont tu voit les couleurs ça m'a étonné vraimment, d'un autre coté, et apropos les numéros, tu les as fait parler a partir tes idées, franchement tu nous as fait vivre dans ton immense palais et ça nous a fait plaisir de t'ecouter, MERCI DANIEL TAMMET.