Thursday, July 13, 2006

Appearance On Richard & Judy on Channel 4, Friday July 14th

I'm appearing on Channel 4's 'Richard & Judy' programme tomorrow - Friday July 14th.


Alex Rieper said...

Wow i just saw it, it was amazing. That part with numbers having shapes was so interesting. I can't wait to see what your new language 'Mänti' will be like.

Anonymous said...

I saw todays interview with Richard and Judy. I found it fascinating, moving and inspiring. I'm really looking forward to reading the book.

Best wishes and good luck in all you do!

Danielle said...

Daniel, you are obviously fascinating but also an inspiration to the whole human race. I've ordered your book from Amazon today as, like many, am very intrigued at how your mind works. Well done with all that you have achieved and I wish you much happiness for the future.
Interestingly (for me anyway), when you mentioned that Wednesday was blue I immediately thought "Hey, I knew that". As a child I always thought the days of the week had certain colours, and I used to have extremely weird recurring dreams in black,white and grey about shapes colliding and me being squased by them. Anyway, I'm now very intrigued to know what colours you gave the rest of the week to see if they are the same as mine. I don't have any medical conditions (that I know of) and I'd be interested to know if many other people around the world have told you that they've had similar thoughts to you.

kerry said...

Yo Daniel, sorry I missed it! I'm an aspie with synesthesia and was just ...overjoyed when I watched a documentary on you in which you described 9s as huge and intimidating etc.

I have the same thing! With nines. I've written the list of mine down Watching you making the shapes for the numbers was interesting as well as it gave me the feeling that although I don't have that instinctively (only the colours), I can really understand it.

Whilst you can do maths with your gift, I have no such priviledge but am proved time and time again that my subconscious draws my attention to certain numbers in my midst to give communicate with me.

Really relevant comment eh? Sorry man, but you know how it is when you see others you can relate to. Just wish I had a fraction of your practical intelligence!

Anonymous said...

Saw the show and was impressed by your eloquence. I will be buying your book when I can afford it!

Daniel Tammet said...

Thank you everyone for your comments so far - it's very touching and rewarding for me to receive these.

I think experiencing words or numbers as different colours and textures is more common than many people realise and it's great to hear from others with similar experiences.

Anonymous said...

dear daniel,

i have been reading your book, and really loving it. i have a 10 year old aspergers grandson, living in australia, your book has helped me begin to understand his mind, and enjoy it. i am sending a copy out to australia for them to read too.

you are an inspiration , not only to people on the autism spectrum but to those of us who are labelled 'normal'. i don't really know what 'normal' means, anyway, you have helped me to understand myself a little better, thank you so very much.

my very best wishes carole

Anonymous said...

I saw your show a while back and I was on a forums and got a link to this site. I knew that you see numbers as shapes, but until now I had something like that but never was open about it. I am extremly gifted in math and horrable with spelling and grammer, but when I do math I see certain colors mainly blueish. I always thought that I was crazy and they would send me away for seeing things, glad to know this is more of a gift than a curse.