Monday, July 10, 2006

Interview in today's Daily Telegraph (10th July)

There's an interview with me in today's Daily Telegraph newspaper by Cassandra Jardine. It can be read online at:


Anonymous said...


I thank you for your explaining how you see things in your mind. To me it as though you have a good ablity to focus very well. This is a problem I have most of the time because my mind will drift away from my thoughts. Most people who have the great ability to focus seem to alway excel in there profession. FOCUS AND SEE CLEARLY!

Michael Booker

Anonymous said...

Excellent article which I enjoyed reading. Not too sure whether I believe anyone's memory is capable of retaining EVERYTHING. Because, I believe there is such a thing as the sub-conscious mind.

Also the human mind has an ability known as Latent Inhibition - To be able to shut out much of what is sensed, a filtering system lest we all be experiencing too much and go madder than we already are.