Thursday, July 20, 2006

A hectic few days

I don't know that I've ever been so busy in my life, but I wouldn't want it any other way. The Ways With Words event in Devon was amazing - beautiful countryside and wonderful food and a sell-out talk! I even ran out of books to sign afterwards. After a rest day in Cornwall we (my partner Neil and I) drove to London for interviews. I appeared on Radio 4's 'Midweek' programme with other guests actor Tim Healy, comic Shappi Khorsandi and folk singer Julie Felix (if you missed it, you can hear the show here: After the show Julie gave me a copy of her latest CD. I've been listening to it today and it sounds great.


London Alive said...

Hi - Not sure if its actually you writing the blog...anyway, would like to know what the day 19 January 1977 was like! How do you see it? The day I was born ( & what a fine day as far I am concerned!!). Maybe you get asked millions of questions and can't answer everyone...I understand if that's the case. Would love to meet you one day as I study the evolution of consciousness, how it relates to the evolution of culture and the role creativity & emotions play in this process. I'm just about to get your book which I'm sure I will devour!! Check my blog too and tell me what you think. But if its not you actually managing this blog, please don't leave a pretend its you comment! Thanks.

Daniel Tammet said...

Hi, yes it's me writing the blog. 19 January 1977 was a Wednesday, the same day of the week as I was born on! A dark blue colour. Checked out your blog and it looks really interesting - the works of art are very visual which I like a lot. Hope you enjoy the book and thanks for taking the time to leave your comment here.

Anonymous said...

Daniel, when you have the time, will you please kindly write out for us what each of the other 6 days of the week mean to you.

And when you have even more time, it would be interesting to read what each of the numbers mean to you.

Anyway, thanks a lot for reading our comments.

Anonymous said...

Hi There,

Thank you for sharing your life and experiences. I listened to you on radio 4 last night whilst driving home and I find your special talents truely facinating absolutely absorbing :) 'Born on a Blue Day' will be the next book I read. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Heya, I guess you'll have to get used to the celebrity lifestyle. I don't know how I would cope in such situations, if at all. Thankfully enough, poets don't have to commit themselves so exhaustively.

I enjoyed listening to the program too. Thanks for mentioning me.