Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Sunday Times Bestseller !

My book 'Born On A Blue Day: A Memoir of Asperger's and an Extraordinary Mind' has gone to #9 in the Sunday Times Non-Fiction Hardcover Bestseller list after its first full week of sales.


Mike Smullin said...

It is a great book and I have recommended you on my blog. I just finished your book today and was surprised to find it very difficult to put down!! I love it! You are an excellent author.

If you write any more you might want to try doing it the self-published PDF way. That is 10x more profitable. Even better, decide to create a habit of blogging every day and at the end of the year compile it all into a single book.

This will benefit you because A) it will provide immediate feedback (you will learn quickly what people are interested in learning more about), B) over time you will create an audience, and C) when its time to distribute your book you will have already established a distribution channel linking you directly to your audience--your blog!

Personally, I want you to know that you have written has illuminated a lot about how my own mind works. Previously I thought Autism was disabling--but in many ways it has enabled you and now that I understand you I have noticed many similarities in my own mind that I could not put into words before now.

Thank you, David. :)

Anonymous said...

Like Mike (sorry about the clunking rhyme), I don't want to stop reading your book. However, I am at work and am supposed to be clearing out my office ready to move to another room.

Daniel, your book is wonderful to me firstly because I am collecting everything I can find out about neurodiversity (in higher education) and putting it on my website I am in the process of interviewing people, because I think people's own descriptions of their experiences are vital and usually much more powerful than the views of 'experts'.

Secondly, your book is wonderful because it speaks to me emotionally. As a gay man, I am thrilled that you have found love. I am also delighted that you have written about it. The book will give hope and inspiration to many Aspies, I am sure, and also to any human being who reads it.

David Pollak

Daniel Tammet said...

Thanks for the kind words Mike and David.